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To protect buildings from being damaged by water, waterproofing system is one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and builders or constructors. Waterproofing system is actually a minor component of the overall construction or development, however, the waterproofing system is a very important element to ensure successful construction project and the buildings’ function.


With years experience in waterproofing system installation and repairs in Singapore, our company has involved in hundreds of waterproofing projects and has continued to perform high professional waterproofing system design, installation and solutions.


Being the leading waterproofing specialist in the country, our waterproofing expertise uses the latest technology and application systems and is able to handle any waterproofing needs. All work is done by highly trained waterproofing technicians with years of experience and overseen by experienced project managers and waterproofing contractors in Singapore. We only provide the best waterproofing services to our loyal clients to ensure 100% satisfaction, your feedback is what makes us better everyday.

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General Waterproofing & Service Pte Ltd, has been in the industry for more than 30 years. We are Singapore’s leading waterproofing specialist and we continue the legacy to this date. We are proudly BCA registered and Bizsafe 3 certified. These recognitions show our dedication to providing quality waterproofing solutions to households and businesses in Singapore.


As a leading waterproofing contractor in Singapore, we maintain our competence through our team of experienced water leakage specialist and concrete repairmen. In General Waterproofing, you’ll have the service of waterproofing experts who have more than 5 years of experience in their records. This will guarantee that only the best and most appropriate solutions will be provided for your every waterproofing need.


No project is too small or too big for General Waterproofing, we treat each project with utmost priority. We know how much your property means to you. It’s one of your most expensive investment and the structure that shelters you through rain or shine. That’s why, doing our best to protect your property from water leakage is always our goal.


So if you are looking for a waterproofing contractor with a heart for your property’s maintenance, choose General Waterproofing now. We are dedicated in providing every homes and commercial buildings in Singapore with the best, fool-proof waterproofing service in the country.

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Latest Technology

Uses the latest technology and application systems.

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Superior workmanship for every project.

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Problems solved within a short duration.

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Professional team of skilled personnel.

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RC Roof Waterproofing

RC Roof Waterproofing After

RC Roof Waterproofing

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