General Waterproofing is the leading waterproofing contractor in Singapore. We have various waterproofing services to offer to fit the needs of your home, building and other structures. For more than 30 years, we are continuously providing Singapore with the best waterproofing solutions.


We are offering an all-around waterproofing service for domestic and commercial purposes. Aside from waterproofing, we also have concrete repairs, façade and roof re-sealant, leakage repair, façade cleaning. All of these efforts are done to ensure that we are delivering only the best and complete waterproofing services in Singapore.


Our infrastructure in Singapore rarely receive the rightful credits as a main factor in our strong economy. Yes, our buildings, houses, tunnels, highways, bridges, and even sidewalks have been doing their share in making our country stable.


Have you ever wonder how chaotic it would be when there are frequent road accidents? Or how the traffic would be when bridges and tunnels couldn’t sustain our day-to-day travels? Does it ever cross your mind how the economy would be without our strong and sturdy high rise buildings? Do you ever stopped and thank your home for shielding you from storms and harsh sunlight?


Our lives are running smoothly because these infrastructures are there to support us, and they need supporting too.


These infrastructures are often subjected to rainfall. With poor maintenance, the roofs and walls of houses and buildings as well as the surfaces of bridges and highways are getting damaged due to water leakage. This is why, waterproofing is an important maintenance in Singapore.


Waterproofing can help maintain a structure’s stability throughout the years. It protects the property from water leakage that may harm the structure from within.


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