Structure repair

Structure, as we all know, is considered the most important part of the entire building as the columns and beams support and hold the whole building. They are what maintains the integrity of the building. This is also why the BCA requires a mandatory building inspection every 5 years. The climate of Singapore, and sometimes soil settlement, could cause cracks to form both on the column and beam. Hence, it is important to engage a BCA registered structure repair company like our firm to help you do an onsite inspection and propose a cost-effective repair method if we do find cracks on your building or house.

Spalling concrete

Spalling concrete is the flaking of concrete from the ceiling due to the corrosion of reinforcement steel bars in the concrete floor slab. The corrosion is caused by the ingress of moisture and acidic elements and can lead to cracking and bulging of the concrete cover over time. This is a natural wear and tear process and is generally a surface maintenance issue which can be mitigated through regular painting of the ceiling. Spalling concrete is usually a minor issue and can be easily repaired through regular maintenance.