Water can seep through small holes and pores of the roof and panels that can damage your walls and floors if leakage is left unchecked or neglected. Molds can also flourish which further leaves your interior sanitation and appearance on such poor quality that’s why a ceiling leakage repair is a must. That’s why we roof leakage repair service in Singapore to aid the common causes of water leakage.

Pressure grouting is a leakage repair work that does not require any hacking. Injection grouts are hydrophobic liquid polymer resins, such as polyurethane formulations. They react with water present in a crack and substrate, creating a chemical reaction.

This reaction causes a liquid grout to expand and form a foam material that fills voids and cracks. Expansion of materials forms a tight impervious seal against substrate sides, stopping water access through a joint.

Grout material is supplied in low-viscosity formulations to enhance its penetration capabilities. Grouts are typically used for concrete or masonry substrates.