RC roof (concrete)

In Singapore, most RC roofs come with conceal waterproofing system. After years of wear and tear due to the weather however, the roof leaks. When that happens, do we have to redo the waterproofing? Fortunately, we do not have to go through that long process again. There are 2 common types of waterproofing systems – 5-layer liquid-applied membrane system and torch on sheet membrane system. These systems are exposed waterproofing systems installed directly onto your concrete roof. Redoing the waterproofing will cost a lot due to the need to hack the screed, remove the damaged waterproofing system, apply a new waterproofing system, and reapply the new screed.

Torch On Membrane

Torch On Polymer Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Sheet Membrane, also known as Torch On Membrane, is a process where a range of quality sheet membrane designed to meet the needs of the construction industry is used in roofing application. Torch On Membrane are APP elastoplasticomeric type modified bitumen membrane formulated with meticulously selected raw materials conceived to ensure compatibility and homogeneity. The result is the provision of reinforced polymer bitumen membrane of superior quality, which will satisfy every aspect of waterproofing.

5 layer waterproofing system

5 layer waterproofing system is a liquid applied modified PU waterproofing system that is flexible yet tough. This waterproofing membrane has enhanced durability, suitable for foot traffic and hence making it ideal for waterproofing of concrete flat roof areas. 5 layer waterproofing system is ideal for old and new roofs as an exposed system. It is also suitable for refurbishment of old concrete roofs and concrete gutters without the need to hack.

Metal roof

Acrylic membrane system

Our metal coating is a 3 layer system premixed flexible acrylic waterproofing membrane that forms a microporous membrane that waterproofs the surfaces from water seepage and protects it from deterioration due to carbonation, acid or chemical attack and other types of environment pollution.

Pitch roof

Most roofs in Singapore encounter leaks from joint of pitch roof. Examples are flashing joint, ridge tiles joint and roof air-vent joint mostly due to wear and tear. We understand water sources and have various types of waterproofing system for repair and refurbishment of old tiles surface to suit your needs

Polycarbonate roof & Glass roof

Sealant are the most widely-used waterproofing materials for polycarbonate & glass roofs, but they are also most often incorrectly used. Although sealants are a relatively low-cost item, they play a major role in a building’s life cycle. Applied to roof areas and used as components of complete waterproofing systems and for terminations, sealants act as direct waterproofing barriers. As such, sealants are important in constructing successful watertight building. They are also used for windows, cladding walls and expansion joints.

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