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Roof Works

Roof work is essential as it helps to reinforce your structure’s first line of defence. We provide roof work services such as roof work waterproofing and repairs. 

One of a roof’s main purposes is to shield a building’s interior from the elements, such as wind, rain, snow, and sunshine. To protect the safety and comfort of its residents, a well-maintained roof prevents moisture damage, water infiltration, and structural degradation.

At General Waterproofing & Service, our team of specialists have years of expertise working on various roof repair jobs and providing the highest standards of service to our clients. 


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Roof Works


Why Is Roof Waterproofing Important

Preventing water from leaking into the building’s structure is the main goal of waterproofing. Significant harm can be done to the building’s interior walls, ceilings, and roof structure by water seepage.

To provide a dry, healthy, and cozy internal environment for building occupants, roof waterproofing is crucial for the durability, integrity, and safety of buildings.



Did you know that ancient civilizations used the earliest waterproofing techniques? Some of the first people who developed techniques for waterproofing walls, boats, and roofs were the Greeks, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians.

One interesting example is from ancient Egypt, when they waterproofed the hulls of their boats using a mixture of straw and bitumen, a naturally occurring material akin to asphalt. This kind of waterproofing was vital for trade and transit in the area, as well as for navigating the Nile River.

By employing locally accessible resources to create waterproofing procedures, these ancient civilizations showed extraordinary resourcefulness and set the groundwork for today’s advanced building techniques.


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