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What is Water Leakage On Walls

A maintenance frequency of every 5 to 10 years is recommended for exterior wall refinishing. Our water leak in wall repair solutions entails properly sealing and waterproofing the cracks to prevent them from re-surfacing. Without acknowledging the problem early on, water leakage may cost irreparable damage to your foundation, preventative maintenance is better than expensive, mega-scale repairs.

Signs Of Water Leakage On Walls

Water leak in walls is very frustrating. Aside from the ugly web, it brings to the wall, it also promotes mould growth which is dangerous to our respiratory system. No amount of repainting can solve the wall leakage problem. Aside from the web-like structure of water seepage on the wall, here are the early signs you can spot when the walls have water leakage.

Part Of The Concrete Walls Are Crumbling And Falling Apart

Mould Growth

Peeling Of Paint

Sweating Of Walls

Damp Areas Of The Wall

A water leak in the wall poses a serious threat when left unattended. As water penetrates the inside of a wall, it creates cracks which can make the walls unsafe during earthquakes. For this reason, upon noticing a wall leakage, we highly advised that you call for a waterproofing service right away. It is further recommended to get your walls, especially those that are often in contact with water, wall leakage repair or waterproofing even before occupancy.

How Do We Deal With Wall Leakage?

In General Waterproofing, we are very particular in ensuring the quality of our wall leakage repair. Unlike the roof which is typically formed so that water will not stay on the surface, walls are different. Water leak in walls is often a continuous process of water penetrating the wall surface. The water can even stay on some parts of the wall long enough to cause serious damages. To solve this problem, we first assess the reason behind wall leakage.

Although waterproofing the walls can help, addressing the cause of the water leakage on the wall is the better solution. For instance, if we found that there is a need for resealing, we can suggest the more appropriate solution for the problem. We reseal the wall first and then proceed to waterproof it.

Entrusting your wall leakage repair to us will give you a complete solution for a water leak in the walls. Our team of experienced water leakage specialist can conduct the needed assessment and give you the solution so you wouldn’t have to bother with the same problem anymore.