Things to Look Out For When Engaging a Waterproofing Specialist

Waterproofing for residential, commercial and industrial buildings is an essential process in Singapore. This is due to the varied climate and other external factors that could cause buildings to be highly susceptible to damage over time. While water leakages may seem like a small problem at the start, one should never take it lightly. Extended roof leakage can cause structural damage and could also lead to increased repair costs. If you are looking to prevent a water problem in your home, you will need to hire a good waterproofing specialist for this role. Read on to learn some tips on how you can engage the right waterproofing specialist.


Credentials and licensing

Reputable waterproofing companies will have references from their previous and current customers. It is one of the most common ways that potential customers can get to know about successful companies. Customers who have had bad experiences would likely leave bad reviews on platforms such as Google and Facebook, while happy customers would similarly be leaving raving reviews. You’d want to also check their website to see if the company is licensed and insured, in order to ensure they are operating legally and can be held accountable.



Professional waterproofing specialist singapore


Waterproofing is a highly specialised trade which requires technical knowledge and expertise, and cannot be taken care of by a general contractor. The longer the waterproofing company has been in business, the more reliable the specialist should be. There have been many cases of waterproofing companies providing 5 or 10 years of warranty for their works, only to close down before these warranties are due. Thus, it is of utmost importance to engage a reputable and reliable waterproofing specialist so that you can have peace of mind with your waterproofing issues.


Types of services provided

The range of services a waterproofing company has would reveal to you the level of expertise that they can offer. At General Waterproofing, we offer all-around waterproofing services for both domestic and commercial purposes. Additionally, we also provide services for concrete repairs, façade and roof re-sealant, leakage repair, and façade cleaning. All of these efforts only ensure that we deliver the best and complete waterproofing services in Singapore.


Warranties and contracts

Warranties and contracts in waterproofing singapore


No matter how confident a company appears to be in their service and quality, a clear and justifiable warranty must always be provided in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This is to offer protection to the customer if the job performed was not satisfactory. Be sure to get any warranties clearly written on a contract before the job starts. A red flag should go up anytime a waterproofing company suggests starting a job without having it in writing. Read every line on the contract, and look for any fine print. Every contract should include the details of the work being done, an estimate for the time that will be taken to complete the job, and the estimated cost for the work being performed.


In conclusion, repairing water leakages is not a simple task and it requires a reliable and skilled waterproofing specialist to do. If you’re looking to engage a waterproofing company, reach out to the experts at General Waterproofing today for quality waterproofing services that will keep the foundation of your property dry and healthy throughout the year.

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